Getting good sleep in the heat can be difficult. It is critical to our well-being, mental health, mood, focus, and productivity to get enough shut-eye each night. We have a long, hot, dry summer ahead of us, and the hot weather can interfere with our sleep cycle.

When you don’t want to leave your AC running all night in the summer or if you don’t have any AC and a heatwave comes, things can get uncomfortable. Getting quality sleep depends on your environment, and a hot room is far from ideal!

“Temperature is quite important for your ability to sleep, and that’s an underestimated factor,” says Matthew Ebben, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Neurology and Neuroscience at NYP/Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine. “Part of your biological rhythms include a cooling of your body as you’re sleeping during the night,” Dr. Ebben.

We tend to sleep the best in a dark room at 65 degrees. Your body temperature should drop when you drift off to sleep; however, if your room is too warm, the air around you can leave you feeling restless and prevent your body temperature from dropping. During the first two stages of sleep you are more sensitive, and you may wake up often if you feel hot.

Getting your body temperature down and preparing a cool, relaxing environment will help tremendously. Having some Strainz CBD before bed can also help you calm your mind and relax your body so you have an easier time getting to sleep.

Here are some additional tips to beat the heat and get the quality rest you need.

1. Draw the Curtains – Keep direct sunlight and heat out of the house on hot days and open things up at night to let the cool inside. This is especially important if you are not running any AC. A cool environment promotes optimal sleep at night.

2. Cold Water and Hydration – Have a bottle of ice water near your bedside. If you wake up hot and sweaty, having a cold drink can help lower your temperature and get back to sleep. Staying hydrated will also help regulate body temperature and minimize sleep disruptions.

3. Bedside Fan – Having airflow around you keeps you comfortable and prevents you from waking up sweaty. Set up a bedside fan on hot nights.

4. Open Windows – Open windows around the house to let in the fresh cool night air. This is great for cooling down your house without running the AC all night. Close things up in the morning to keep the house cool all day and minimize power usage during a heatwave.

5. Light Breathable Bedding – Keep cool with breathable cotton bedding and light cotton sleepwear. Less is better in the heat. Remove any heavy or non-breathable blankets from your bed.

6. Freeze your Pillowcase – Resting your head on a cold pilow feels so nice when it’s warm. Put your pillowcase in the freezer before bedtime to help you cool off when you go to bed.

7. Warm Bath or Shower – Take a warm to hot bath or shower before bed. Although that may seem like the last thing you want to do when it is hot, it will actually help you cool down when you get out. Your body temperature will drop when you are out of the shower and you help you to feel drowsy and relaxed.

8. Cool Ice Pack for Hot Spots – Cool down your hot spots with a cold water bottle or a gel ice pack. Bring a cool, not frozen gel ice pack to bed with you. This will be helpful for cooling down your hot spots like the back of the neck, elbows, and behind your knees. If you wake up feeling warm you can use it to lower your body temperature.

9. Gel Cooling Pillow or Mattress Cover – Invest in a gel cooling bed cover or pillow. This can help keep your body temperature down at night. If you live in a hot climate this comes in hany and will help you improve your sleep during summer.

10. Take CBD For Sleep Support – Naturally calm and prepare yourself for a deep night’s sleep with a serving of Strainz Full spectrum CBD 30 minutes before bed. A great natural sleep aid, CBD supports relaxation and rest with a whole host of other health benefits. If you have trouble staying asleep through the night CBD can help you with occasional restlessness.

Sweet dreams!

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