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Using the finest quality grown Cannabidiol (CBD) processed by our team of leading extractors we’ve purified and optimized our new line of Full Spectrum and ISO Spectrum CBD products for Humanz and Petz alike.

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Our Team

Experience. Passion. Vision.

We’re an experienced team of executives, physicians and cannabis industry leaders with diverse backgrounds and a track record of success in building companies into well established brands.
Our culture and brand are built around the core values of compassion, medical effectiveness, integrity, quality and social responsibility. At Strainz, we’re passionate about driving the revolution in the cannabis industry.

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Cultivating + Crafting

Strainz has strategic partnerships with multiple state licensed cultivation and production facilities. Together we are delivering a portfolio of premium grade
cannabis products that are rigorously tested and certified to guarantee
consistency, purity and quality.

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Social Responsibility + Industry Standards

Are you interested in connecting with Strainz to learn more about our products, services and technologies? If social responsibility and industry leading standards are important to you, contact us. Let’s make the world a healthier and more tolerant place.

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Pioneering A New Path

A job at Strainz is one of the most unique employment opportunities in the world. Are you a pioneering type of individual looking for new challenges? Or are you new to the cannabis industry and ready to take a different path in life?

Strainz is filling positions with top talent from both inside and outside the industry.

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