When your pet needs relief, a wellness boost, calming support, or comfort care for old-age, Strainz Pet CBD Oil can help! Many pet owners are turning to CBD oil to provide relief for various health concerns their pets may be experiencing.

A natural wellness formula for pain management, CBD oil has many benefits for animals and humans alike. Just like us, CBD helps to relieve discomfort, calm restlessness, and supports a better quality of life for sick or aging animals with complicated health issues.

Your Pets Endocannabinoid System

All mammals have a built-in endocannabinoid system. This means there are cannabinoid receptors located throughout cells in their body. This relationship animals have with cannabinoids is no mistake. The cannabinoid receptors also known as CB1 and CB2 receptors are located throughout their body and respond to cannabinoids from hemp and cannabis.

When given CBD, these receptors in your pet’s body work to maintain homeostasis in areas of the body that are not functioning well. Together, the CB1 and CB2 receptors regulate a number of bodily functions, including balance and coordination, activation & suppression of appetite, pain and inflammation, heart rate, stress levels, sleep, and overall mood.

How Can CBD Oil Help My Pet

A serving of Strainz Pet CBD oil balances your animal’s endocannabinoid system to bring relief and improve the functionality of major systems in the body. 

The amazing thing is that your pet’s CB1 and CB2 receptors know exactly where to send help to the areas that are in need. Studies are finding CBD oil is helpful for managing pain and inflammatory conditions in pets. Your pets can experience relief and wellness benefits from the full spectrum of cannabinoids in Strainz Pet CBD oils.

Strainz Pet CBD Oil Can Help With:

      • Old age care
      • Injury recovery
      • Appetite
      • Relieve discomfort
      • Restlessness
      • Separation issues
      • Calming down a high strung pet
      • Managing complex health issues

How To Give Your Pets CBD Oil 

When giving your pet CBD oil, you may have some questions come up about how much CBD oil is right for your animal and how to administer it to them. It’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns or questions about your animal taking CBD oil.

Here Are Some Things To Consider Before Giving Your Pet CBD Oil:

      • Age
      • Bodyweight
      • Health status
      • Severity of issues
      • Dose size

How Much CBD Do I Give My Pet

Based on your pets weight and health status, finding the right dosage might take a few tries. It is best to measure the serving size based on their weight.

Veterinarians usually recommend 1-5mg of CBD per 10 pounds. So if your dog weighs around 60 pounds a small dose would be about 6-10mg and a strong dose would be about 20-30mg.

Always start low and go slow with CBD. Give your pet a few drops every few hours and gradually work up until you sense it is helping your pet. For daily wellness maintenance, it doesn’t take much. Consistency is key for best results and lasting benefits.

Of course in some situations, you may want to give your animal a higher dose, depending on the severity of their symptoms. For example, a 70lb dog in a lot of pain may benefit from a 30-50mg serving of CBD.

You should be able to notice some improvement in your pet’s wellbeing about an hour after they ingest the CBD.

How To Administer CBD To My Pet

When you are giving your pet CBD oil, do it in a calm manner when they are relaxed.

Drop a few drops of Strainz pet CBD oil, directly in their mouth if you can, and see how they do after an hour. If it is too difficult to get drops directly in their mouth mix it into a small treat for them. CBD will have better results if given to your pet before they eat a meal, for maximum absorption.

For extended relief, you can give your pets small frequent doses every few hours if they are responding well to the CBD. This is helpful if your pet is recovering from an injury or experiencing frequent discomfort. You should be able to notice some improvement in your pet’s wellbeing about an hour after they ingest the CBD.

Track Your Pets Results

Take note of how your animal is responding to CBD oil. Write down the dose size, frequency, and time of day per serving. Track any differences you notice in your pet.  Watch how your animal responds and refine the dosage based on results. 

You should be able to notice some improvement in your pet’s wellbeing about an hour after they ingest the CBD. It may be hard to tell is the CBD is helping. If it is working well you may notice some signs such as improved mobility and ease, increased appetite, and calm demeanor. A large dose of CBD oil could make a pet sleepy; if that happens downsize their dose depending on the effects.

Talk with your veterinarian about CBD oil and your pet’s health status to determine if it is a good option for long-term care.

About Strainz Pet CBD Oils

Our team at Strainz is dedicated to providing natural solutions to support your family’s wellness needs, including your beloved furry family members!

When it comes to CBD oil, not all products are made with the same high-quality plant material and standards that Strainz products are made with. Your wellness and safety is paramount to us. Committed to excellence, we use organic plant material and have every batch of oil third-party tested to ensure quality, purity, and accuracy in each bottle of Strainz CBD oil.

Strainz Pet CBD Oil contains a full array of cannabinoids for maximum support for your pet’s wellbeing. Your pets will love the mouth-watering flavors Strainz Petz CBD oils comes in.  Available in Savory Bacon or Peanut Butter flavor, each 30ml bottle of Pet CBD oil contains 750mg of cannabinoids. You can easily measure and customize your pet’s dose with a convenient dropper top.

Your furry family members will love Strainz Petz CBD!

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