Many people who use cannabidiol (CBD) daily as a part of their health regime in conjunction with their supplement intake, notice positive results, and long-term wellness effects. Most users who are dosing Strainz CBD daily are seeking therapeutic effects for many reasons, from critical health conditions, a wellness boost, to optimize major immune and cellular functions.

Our founders experience has led us here (Watch Hugh Hempel’s TED Talk) as in 2013 they were desperately searching for a highly potent, pure, Cannabidiol (CBD) product for their identical twin daughters. Addi and Cassi Hempel battled against a rare and fatal childhood genetic disease called Niemann Pick Type C or “Childhood Alzheimer’s” that caused progressively debilitating symptoms ranging from memory loss to seizures. Strainz was born out of The Hempel’s mission to provide Addi and Cassi and others a better quality of life. Hemp and cannabis provided their family with the ability to provide Addi and Cassi with a natural, non-toxic solution that greatly improved their quality of life.

Strianz CBD is very diverse in terms of how it can help support your lifestyle and overall wellness and comes in a variety or strengths and measured dosed formulations. It is wonderful to hear remarkable success stories of how Strainz CBD has helped someone improve their life or gave them the relief they had been seeking naturally. Research is proving the value and potential cannabinoids have for many complicated health conditions and pain management. Studies on animals and humans alike and clinical trials confirm the positive responses we hear from the hemp and cannabis community.

Here are some reasons you may be interested in dosing Strainz CBD daily. It is important to consult a medical professional if you are taking medications to ensure Strainz CBD will not cause adverse side effects and interfere with your health care regime. Always talk to your doctor to determine if cannabidiol products are safe for you.


Using CBD for Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia can have long term negative effects on your mental and physical health. Many people seeking relief from these conditions are reluctant to use over the counter medications because of the side effects and chemical dependency they can create. CBD is a natural approach many people are turning to for managing symptoms and improving their overall health. Exploring the use of cannabidiol for stress, anxiety, and insomnia is an excellent choice for many. It proves to be useful as many studies show patients are reporting noticeable improvement in their wellbeing. CBD brings balance to the endocannabinoid system, in which the primary function is to regulate mood, sleep, hormones, and immune functions. This is how CBD may soothe anxiety and improve sleep and wake cycles. The therapeutic effects of Cannabidiol have the potential to bring lasting relief naturally for many conditions.

Using CBD for Managing Pain and Inflammation

One of the most common reasons people use cannabidiol is to naturally and effectively manage pain, inflammation, complicated health issues, and improve major body functions. Daily CBD users managing chronic pain or some people recovering from an injury report better mobility and reduced inflammation. Cannabidiol is a powerful natural tool for many battling severe health issues. The relief and therapeutic effects CBD provides has the potential to raise the quality of life and bring hope to those with limited options.

Using CBD for Skincare 

There are many ways in which CBD can support skin health, whether you have acne-prone skin, inflammation, dry patches, or wish to smooth out wrinkles. CBD oil can work on a cellular level to replenish skin cells and reduce inflammation from blemishes. You can apply it to the face, under eyes, mix it into your face cream, or drop it right on the problem spots. Many people using CBD for skincare report significant improvement and soothing effects.

Our team at Strainz would love to help you find the right CBD product for yourself or a loved one. We are dedicated to helping others improve their lives by providing organically grown cannabidiol products for therapeutic use. Visit our FAQ’s if you have questions about our products!

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