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Leafly Reviews on Strains

Leafly – Marijuana Dispensaries and Strain Reviews

Leafly is a Yelp-like website for reviews on marijuana dispensaries and strains and is world’s largest cannabis information resource

Leafly began like most traditional startup stories.  The realization of a gap in the market and the drive and gumption to try and fill it.

When confronted with a doctor’s recommendation to consider medical marijuana, Scott Vickers, one of Leafly’s original founders, went to a dispensary and was presented with an overwhelming selection of different cannabis products.  … Read more

What are landrace or heirloom marijuana strains?

During the 1970s and 80s, cannabis connoisseurs traveled the world and began collecting “landrace” strains to cultivate them in their own local gardens. These pure strains of marijuana are also sometimes referred to as “heirloom” strains and were propagated in other environments like California and Europe.

Landrace strains are local varieties of cannabis that have adapted to the environment and geographic location.… Read more