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National Marijuana Brands

Marijuana Companies Find State Growth Through Partnerships

Marijuana Companies Expanding Across State Lines Have Many Hoops To Jump Through

There is said to be a standard model that one should follow when looking to grow a business out across the country. Develop a solid business plan. Identify your markets. Know the rules. Know your company and your industry.… Read more

Leading Marijuana Company

Strainz Raises $8 Million Through Debt and Series A Funding

Cannabis Brand Management Company To Accelerate National Expansion Strategy and Launch First Line of Strainz Products in Three States

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, April 4, 2016 – Strainz Inc., a leading national cannabis brand management company, today announced it has raised a total of $8 million including a $6 million round of Series A financing from leading venture capital and angel investors.… Read more

CanopyBoulder Marijuana

CanopyBoulder and Patrick Rea Help Shape Future of Marijuana Industry

“CanopyBoulder is seed-stage, mentorship-driven business accelerator for companies developing ancillary products and services for the legal cannabis industry,” says Patrick Rea

The US economy doesn’t spawn an entirely new industry very often and legal marijuana may well be the best ground floor opportunity we’ve seen since the early days of the Internet.… Read more

Dixie Elixirs Colordo Marijuana Packaging

Dixie Elixirs Rebounds After New Marijuana Packaging Regulations

Dixie Elixirs ReLaunches Product Line After Prolonged Market Absence

Dixie Elixirs products were off the market for several months as the company worked on development of a redesigned proprietary bottle, new flavors, new dosages and the refinement of its formulations to include all-natural ingredients. In response to new Colorado state regulations, Dixie Elixirs modified their packaging and dosing to not only meet Colorado compliance, but to help fortify the industry.… Read more


Marijuana Startups Growth in California, Nevada, Colorado

Marijuana Business Media reported that the top states for marijuana startups include Nevada, California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

California has climbed over several other powerhouse marijuana states and now ranks as the most popular market for entrepreneurs starting marijuana startups, despite an unstable business climate fostered by a lack of statewide MMJ regulations.… Read more