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Why does Strainz CBD line of products have various amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD) concentrations them?

All Strainz CBD products have similar ingredients and we have tried to make CBD dosing and measurement easy and simply for our customers. For example, we have provided graduated glass droppers to allow for precision dosing and a dosing chart and icons to help you.

The primary difference in our products can be found in the concentration, which is the total amount of active CBD milligrams (mg) contained in each bottle.… Read more

Playboy Article: Marijuana at a Big-Box Store? Introducing the White-Collar Future of Weed

Playboy feature article by David Devoss Featuring Strainz CEO, Hugh Hempel

Excerpt from story is below and entire article is located here

Marijuana’s medicinal properties attract many executives to the industry, but Hugh Hempel embraced cannabis for a more personal reason. In 2007, his twin daughters, Addison and Cassidy, developed a rare and fatal disease called Niemann-Pick type C.… Read more

Cannabis Cosmetics

Beauty and the Leaf – Cannabis and Cosmetics

Beauty revolutionized – Cannabis is a powerful beauty ingredient full of antioxidants and hydrating omegas, known for soothing sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Cannabis is offered in many forms where legal, from K-Cups and ‘Cotton Mouth’ gum to pet treats and oil-infused vape pens.  When most people think of cannabis, however, they do not think of beauty.  … Read more