Strainz CBD 1500™ Full Spectrum

  • 1,500mg of active cannabinoids per 30mL bottle

  • 50mg active cannabinoids per 1ml serving

  • Grown in the USA

  • 100% Non-GMO

  • Take consistently for best results

  • Store in a cool, dry place (product does not require refrigeration)

  • Laboratory tested for purity

Strainz CBD 1,500mg full spectrum CBD oil contains a full inclusion of cannabinoids which include Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), and trace amounts of THC 0.3% or less, in accordance with federal regulations. Our full spectrum formula is derived from organically grown whole plants. The combination of cannabinoids working together makes our formulas very effective, and enhances the therapeutic value of our CBD oil. You can measure accurate doses each time with our 1 milliliter dropper. Each milliliter contains 50mg of active cannabinoids with a total of 1,500mg in the whole bottle. Third party lab results are easily accessible by product. This tincture can be taken under the tongue or added to food and drinks. Unflavored, and extracted from organically grown plants, you will just taste the natural terpenes from the plant.


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Strainz 1,500 full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from organically grown plants and contains more than just CBD. Our formula is composed of many active cannabinoids from whole-plant, such as Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), and 0.3% or less of THC. The combination of these active cannabinoids working together creates what is called the ”entourage effect” which has more therapeutic value than CBD alone. Other plant-based compounds include terpenes, omega 3s, omega 6s, and flavonoids. Each batch of organic CBD oil is third party tested for quality, purity, and potency. Strainz CBD oil is free of pesticides and heavy metals. Safety and transparency is at the forefront of what we do. Visit our lab results page to review the certificate of analysis for your product. Our 1,500mg tincture comes in a 30ml bottle. Our dropper is labeled for accurate dosing and consistency. Each 1 milliliter dropper contains 50mg of CBD. All natural and unflavored this tincture can be placed under the tongue for 30 seconds or added to food and beverages. Strainz full spectrum tincture can be taken with or without food. Receive maximum value through consistent dosing. Monitor and track your results and work up if needed. Strainz CBD oil formulas are organically grown, designed for maximum bioavailability and effectiveness.

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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

Berry Essence, Citrus Essence, Mint Essence, Natural/Unflavored

6 reviews for Strainz CBD 1500™ Full Spectrum

  1. Johnathan N

    I bought the 1500 mg CBD wo weeks ago and the first thing I noticed is how it tastes so much better than three other brands I have tried. Just a very light and refreshing flavor with no aftertaste. You can also see the oil on the bottom of the bottle and it is so clean and clear. The other brands I have tried were green and almost cloudy. I suffer from some mild PTSD and I can tell the difference with using your product. The other brands had limited effects but I can really feel this one reduce my stress and anxiety. Thanks for making a great product to help a veteran like me. I am a skeptic by nature but I do believe this product is quite beneficial.

  2. Lonnie M

    I have been a customer of Strainz for almost four years taking their Ratio Tincture products that are available in many cannabis dispensaries in Colorado. I am so happy they are now selling top quality CBD oil online. There may be cheaper CBD products out there but Strainz is the best I have found, and it works. Thank you Strainz for providing the high-quality CBD product to me and my family.

  3. Gretchen T

    I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and a thyroid issue and I feel a noticeable difference on and off the product. I love the Berry flavor, natural is also excellent. It is very sublte and not sweet or sugary at all. Thank you Strainz.

  4. Mike G

    I heard about Strainz from a good friend who knows the owners and I was looking for a company with a reputation I could trust. I was hearing so much CBD was coming from China and not processed effectively. I called them and they get their CBD in US and have their own manufacturing plants. This is definitely the best quality product and customer service was absolutely wonderful and answered all my questions! I love the natural and the higher mgs per bottle.

  5. Phillip E

    I play a lot of golf and have developed some wrist pain. My friend told me about CBD oil and I researched what to take. I tried a topical but it did not seem to help me but the liquid has helped. No doubt this has been a game changer for me and it’s now essential to my post golf routine.

  6. Debra E

    I have been dealing with a seriously frozen shoulder for several months after surgery and my girlfriend suggested CBD oil. I must admit at first I was a little nervous and afraid about trying cannabis but the pain has been terrible lately so I decided I would go for it. Well it has helped tremendously and I am getting so much range of motion back and far less pain. I started with the 300mg but now get the 1,500mg and the higher doses help me and I don’t have to take as much to get a higher CBD dose in my body. Highly recommend this product.

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"The Best CBD Product I Have Used"

Hands down the best CBD product I have used and I’ve tried them all! I’m really hooked because there is no terrible taste to it as so many of these products have and the purity is amazing. The oil is clear. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for the highest quality CBD.

− Kelly K

"Game Changer"

I play a lot of golf and have developed some wrist pain. My friend told me about CBD oil and I researched what to take.  I tried a topical but it did not seem to help me but the liquid has helped.  No doubt this has been a game changer for me and it’s now essential to my post golf routine.

− Phillip E

"Consistent Results"

The power of the Strainz CBD oil formulation has been amazing for my arthritis.  I tried many brands like Charlottes but I find myself coming back to Strainz CBD because of the consistent results. Bottom line – best on the market and terrific story behind this brand as well.

− Kenneth B

"Big Difference"

I love this product so much and is the only CBD that has truly helped with my joint pain. I just turned 67 and I am getting stiff in the morning and I take this and it’s made a big difference in helping me get motivated to get my exercise in.  t also helps me at night to sleep and allows me to relax and calm my body and mind.

− Amber R

"Life Changing"

This has been a life changing product for my daughter who suffers from a rare disease and seizures.  I heard about the Hempel family and their quest to help families like mine dealing with the effects of severe and fatal childhood illnesses. I bought the 10,000mg and give in high doses 3x a day and I have noticed a decrease in seizures and dystonia. Very happy with this product and how it’s working.

− Constance M

"Quality Product"

I use the Petz CBD oil with both of my dogs. It’s so funny because my terrier loves the peanut butter flavor and my shepherd likes the bacon. I give to my terrier for her anxiety as she barks at shadows and my Shepard has hip issues. It helps them both. Thank you Strainz for making such a quality product for animals.

− Gage L

We understand

We’re an experienced team of executives, physicians and industry leaders with diverse backgrounds and a track record of success in building companies into well established brands. Our culture and brand are built around the core values of compassion, medical effectiveness, integrity, quality and social responsibility. At Strainz, we’re passionate about driving the revolution in our industry.

  • LeafLink Award 2019 THC Tinctures
  • Ted Talk
  • Established 2013
  • First Hand Medical Experience
  • CNN Coverage


10 Reasons To Choose Strainz Products

We look forward to satisfying each of these 10 reasons and many more in guiding you and your families wellness into a daily reality.

1. We're a Cannabis + Hemp Company

We’re not a company focused on a CBD craze or creating gimmicky products. We are a team of people passionate about the power of cannabis and hemp who believe that cannabinoids of all types – 113 currently isolated – should be available to anyone to support their health and wellness goals.


2. Measured Dosing

Our easy dosing formulations allow you to experiment and customize low or high doses to see what works best for you or your loved ones. Experience results you can feel and most of all measure.

3. Manufacturing Process Excellence

Not all cannabis and hemp strains and extraction methods are created equal, which means not all products are the same. We are a leading manufacturer that owns and controls our own CBD and THC cGMP manufacturing facilities, allowing us to create superior product formulations from start to finish.

4. Full Range of Products

We offer Full Spectrum CBD and THC-Free CBD products on our website that meet US guidelines. We also offer THC-CBD combination products through legally licensed dispensaries. Our mission is to work within the federal cannabis and hemp legal framework to provide products with a range of cannabinoids that can help you meet your health and wellness goals.

5. Bioavailabilty

Our manufacturing and proprietary formulation process is designed to allow our products to be easily absorbed into your body. Our highly bioavailable products are not only effective but affordable.

6. Medical Beginnings

Our team is committed to improving the quality of life for every person on the planet. We are inspired each day by our founder’s family medical journey with their children. Our contribution and gratitude is expressed through creating exceptional products that can make a difference for your health.

7. Testing & Safety

We rigorously test every single batch of our oil through third-party labs so that you can trust that the products you receive are the highest quality and safest available. From microbials to heavy metals and pesticides, our tests are comprehensive, and your safety is paramount to us.

8. Caring For Others

We strive to make our products as accessible as possible to people and communities in need. Our assistance program supports families with children with severe needs, patients with disabilities, low-income families, and more. Inquire to see if you qualify for discounts.


9. Empower & Inspire

Science, research, and advances in technology have given us tools to empower and inspire others on their journey to better health. Strainz is at the forefront of the evolution happening today in the cannabis and hemp industries. A labor of love, our greatest success is to help people like you discover natural ways to improve quality of life through Strainz products.

10. You Have Our Support

Through our own journey, we understand that support is essential to finding solutions that improve quality of life. Sharing our story and hearing your voice, we are inspired to serve through transparency and sharing knowledge. Our collective voice and contributions have a positive influence on the future of cannabis and hemp. 

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