Ratio Vape Pens

Ratio Vape Cartridges™

Strainz Ratio Vape Cartridges™ come pre-filled with ratios of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to fit your active lifestyle. Designed with an advanced cartridge for people with highly refined tastes and who are looking for a pure experience with no added PG/Glycol. Strainz Ratio Cartridges™ perform best on a multiple stage, variable voltage battery providing a slightly higher voltage setting than a single stage battery can provide.

Strainz Restore 20:1 CBD|THC Ratio Vape Cartridges™

Strainz Restore 20:1 is high in CBD and contain minimal THC, creating a highly synergistic combination with little to no psychoactive effects making them ideal for relaxation and medicating.

Strainz Balance 1:1 CBD|THC Ratio Vape Cartridges™

Strainz Balance 1:1 combines equal amounts of CBD to THC to create a perfectly balanced and uplifting experience. May produce some psychoactivity.

Strainz Elevate 1:5 CBD|THC Ratio Vape Cartridges™

Strainz Elevate 1:5 contains high amounts of THC and a low amount of CBD, making them ideal for people seeking highly therapeutic doses of THC with the calming entourage effect of CBD. Produces psychoactivity.

General Cartridge Features:

  • Comes pre-filled with premium Strainz Concentrates™ for maximum effect, no PG/Glycol
  • 510 threaded .5mg cartridge fits most standard battery designs
  • Custom designed battery (3.7v “slim” battery) and USB charger sold separately from cartridge
  • 0.5ml of oil in the cartridge
  • Lab tested for cannabinoid concentrations and purity
  • Butane free and low odor
  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art and fully licensed state approved cannabis facilities