Strainz Laboratory Cannabinoid Profile Certificates of Analysis

One of the most difficult tasks for a consumer today is identifying a quality CBD product while the regulations in the cannabis and hemp industries rapidly evolve. Just because a product says it contains CBD, does not mean that it’s a high quality CBD product or that the labeling is accurate or can be trusted.

Many companies are springing up out of nowhere trying to jump on the CBD bandwagon with little concern for consumers. Strainz products are super premium grade with a focus on effective dosing and all our plant material is grown and extracted by our team of experts in the United States.

We test all our batches and other key ingredients that are part of our unique formulations through a third party testing lab and stand behind every bottle we sell.

Here is a sampling of our batch certificates of analysis. If you have questions about a particular product or batch that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Strainz CBD 300™ – Full Spectrum

Strainz CBD 750™ – Full Spectrum

Strainz CBD 750™ – ISO Spectrum

Strainz SoftGelz™ CBD 750

Strainz CBD 1,500™ – Full Spectrum

Strainz CBD 2500™ – Full Spectrum

Strainz CBD 5000™ – Full Spectrum

Strainz CBD 10000™ – Full Spectrum

Strainz Petz™ CBD 750 – Full Spectrum

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