At Strainz, we feel it is important that you understand that not all CBD products are created equally and there is a large variance in quality and manufacturing methods. There are several products on the market made from hemp, hemp extracts, and hemp seed oil, and not all hemp products contain cannabinoids. Below are a few tips on purchasing high-quality CBD and identifying false cannabidiol products. Understanding ingredients and what to look for will help you make the best choices for your health and wellness. Here are some tips to help you discern the true quality and value of a high quality CBD product.

Shopping CBD
When you browse online shops like Amazon and Google shopping you may come across products labeled as hemp oil, hemp extract, hemp seed oil, cannabinoid extract, hemp isolate, and other variations. Which ones mean CBD?

Cannabidiol and Other Terms Used For CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound extracted from the hemp and cannabis plant with therapeutic value is extracted and used for many wellness purposes. Cannabidiol can be found in just about any product you can think of from foods, candy, supplements, body care products, or a simple tincture. Cannabidiol oil has many names and may be labeled as CBD oil, Cannabidiol extract, hemp oil, and hemp extract. When shopping for cannabidiol through online retailers, you may notice the term hemp oil being used and not CBD oil. There are many third party online retail sites that do not allow the use of the word “CBD” so suppliers have worked around that by using the term hemp oil or hemp extract.

Hemp Seed Oil Is Not Cannabidiol
Hemp “seed” oil does not contain cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil comes from the seed of the cannabis sativa plant.  On the other hand, cannabinoids are extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the plant. Hemp seed oil is nutrient-rich, packed with fatty-acids, has great health benefits, and moisturizing properties. It is often used in cooking, for skincare, body care, and more. Hemp seed oil does not contain cannabidiol.

Seek Transparency
When buying CBD oil, it is always best to buy it from a trusted source to avoid any misleading information. Visit a company’s website and you will be able to determine if they are selling real cannabidiol oil. Quality and trusted brands will always be transparent about ingredients, lab testing, and have clear descriptions about how much cannabidiol is in each product.

Watch Out For Claims
If you come across a hemp or CBD product that calls out claims like cancer treatment, anti-anxiety, sleep aids, arthritis relief, pain reliever, and other medical conditions, be cautious. Many low-quality CBD product sites, fake sites, or someone looking to make a quick buck will look for any way to grab attention by using false claims as clickbait. Don’t be fooled by scammer CBD sites or magical cure advertising. The FDA does not approve of any cures or medical claims made around cannabidiol. The FDA has only approved one CBD prescription drug, Epidiolex, a drug for treating two rare, severe forms of epilepsy.

Reputable companies and quality products will most often not make claims about their products as cures or use false medical treatment clickbait captions. Trustworthy CBD brands will only promote potential uses for their products and provide helpful information, but will never state medical claims. Cannabidiol has potential therapeutic value for many people and it may just be the right thing to add to your wellness regime. Talk to your doctor to determine if CBD is right for you.

Cheap CBD Is Usually Not Good CBD
Too good to be true prices? Watch out! Great cannabidiol products should not break your bank, but quality CBD oil is also not dirt cheap. In order to grow healthy plants and make clean extractions, it takes advanced technology and knowledgeable experts. It is not a cheap simple operation. Cheap CBD products could mean the product is not made from a trusted source, low-quality conditions, not a pure extraction, diluted with fillers, or not properly tested. Manufacturing clean high-quality cannabidiol oil is a rigorous process and requires a team of highly qualified individuals with backgrounds in engineering and chemistry. By law, all cannabidiol extracts and final products must go through certified laboratories to be tested for purity and potency.

Certified Lab Tests and Results
You can verify and validate the quality of good CBD when you visit the company’s site and see if the brand is transparent about ingredients, amount of cannabidiol in the product and has lab results available. Reviewing lab results is a great way to understand if the product you bought or are interested in buying is trustworthy. Engaging with customer service if you have any questions about the product is also a great way to understand how reliable the company is. Quality brands will be on top of customer service and should be very helpful and transparent. You can always ask customer service about lab results before purchasing.

Strainz Quality Control Purity Guaranteed
We understand that not all CBD products and extraction methods are created equal. We are a leading manufacturer that owns and controls our own CBD and THC cGMP manufacturing facilities, allowing us to create superior product formulations from start to finish. We rigorously test every single batch of our oil through third-party labs so that you can trust that the products you receive are the highest quality and safest available. From microbials to heavy metals and pesticides, our tests are comprehensive, and your safety is paramount to us.

Passion To Help
Our team at Strainz would love to help you every step of the way to finding the perfect cannabidiol product for you or your loved one. A labor of love, our greatest success is to help people like you discover natural ways to improve quality of life through Strainz products. We strive to make our products as accessible as possible to low-income families and communities in need. Contact us to see if you qualify for discounts. We are here to support you and your family.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about our CBD products. We would love to help you make the best choice and get the best pricing. We express our gratitude and passion for helping others through creating high-quality products that can make a difference for your health.

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