What is Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and is it dangerous?

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is an extremely potent cannabis concentrate ideal for vaporizing. To make BHO, marijuana is processed through clean butane gas using a scientific process that results in a concentrated oil that typically has the color and consistency of a “sticky wax” or “crumbly honeycomb.” Patients use just a “Dab” or mere pinhead-sized amount of BHO and the end result is a strong effect that can lasts for hours. Dabs of BHO can be super-potent, boasting THC concentrates of up to 80 percent, and patients must be very cautious with the honey-like substance. Many people with intractable pain use BHO to medicate.


Unfortunately, illegal home production labs and DIY makeshift operations have been set up by people to make BHO. Without any kind of safety regulations in place, there have been reported explosions as people try to process BHO in a non commercial environment. As far as consuming BHO, as with any concentrated forms of products such alcohol, precautions should always been taken.

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