Sometimes it’s much more important to open your heart to the crowd, than it is to be concerned about the rigors you put your body through day-in and day-out. However, when your physical and mental health suffer your delivery may become weak. Strainz CBD can help balance your overall wellness so you can focus on what’s truly important in life, and inspire greatness in yourself and others.

Strainz was born out of hope and inspiration, for the twins to live a better quality of life. CBD had a powerful therapeutic effect that reduced the girls seizures and made them more coherent, able to communicate better with body language. It was inspiring to be near them. Their legacy lives on through our inspiration and passion to help others improve their wellbeing through effective hemp and cannabis products.

Inspire Greatness

There is a sense of fulfillment and wellbeing that is felt when you are living in balance and doing what you love. When your physical and mental health are in good shape the energizing effect inspires and encourages you to put your best foot forward.

Inspiration and fulfillment flow naturally when we are in balance, whereas exposure to physical and mental stress over time dissolves our inspiration and our well-being.

Traumatic experiences and significant shifts in our lives can lead to serious health complications that manifest mentally and physically. A report from Mental Health America, has recorded a significant increase in anxiety, depression and other mental health issues over the past year. Prolonged periods of poor mental and physical health can negatively change the course of a person’s life.

When one system is malfunctioning other systems are not able to fulfill their purpose to keep you in good health. Your physical health has a direct effect on your mental health and vice versa.

Stress, health complications, injuries, lack of sleep, and other issues will quickly throw your systems out of balance. Your mood and physiological abilities will almost instantly be affected thereafter.

Elevate Your Wellness

Plant-based cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp are some of nature’s great wellness helpers! A daily serving of CBD can support your overall health by relieving the burden of physical ailments and mental stress. Cannabinoids work together to bring balance to the body’s major systems and support your mood to elevate your wellness.

Strainz full spectrum CBD works wonders to support your health in diverse ways by bringing balance to the endocannabinoid system. Your endocannabinoid system acts as a regulator for all the encompassing systems and functions that support you. Plant-based cannabinoids activate and communicate with receptors that are located throughout the body to restore homeostasis and optimize and elevate your wellness. When you tend to your wellness garden you can focus more on your goals and ambitions rather than the roadblocks inherent with poor physical and mental health. We are here to cheer you on your way to better health! Your quest to elevate your wellness inspires us. Our team is honored to serve you and support you on your wellness journey!

Dedication to Your Health

At Strainz we have seen and experienced first hand the healing potential cannabinoids have for one’s quality of life. The core of our mission is to help people find natural solutions to improve their quality of life. We understand it is possible for one to feel inspired and able to do the things they love when the burden of their physical and mental ailments are relieved. Strainz cannabinoid products can help you put your best foot forward every day so you can inspire greatness in yourself and others!

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