Charlotte’s Web Marijuana Plant: Unlocking the Magic of CBD

Charlotte’s Web Brings Life Saving Benefits to Gravely Ill Children Throughout the Country: Meet the Girl Bringing Hope to Millions

Charlotte Figi is a wisp of a seven year old with a huge smile, contagious laugh and an unforgettable story.

By the age of five, Charlotte was experiencing seizures every 30 minutes, suffering the devastating effects of Dravet Syndrome. The family had tried every drug and had failed to see results with any of them.  Charlotte was confined to a wheelchair and could not speak or engage with the outside world. She was put on a do-not-resuscitate order.

According to Paige Figi, Charlotte’s mom, “after getting the green light from our team of neurologists and pediatricians, we started Charlotte at low, non-psychoactive doses [of cannabis] and charted her progress. The first week she went seven days seizure-free, down from the 300 grand mals she had the previous week.”  Figi continued, “Three months into our journey and she was at a solid 90% seizure reduction and free of all pharmaceuticals. Eight months into our journey put her at 99+% seizure reduction.”

Along with the seizure control, there are many other benefits Charlotte has experienced from the medical cannabis. Despite being previously 100% tube-fed, she is consistently eating and drinking on her own for the first time in years. She sleeps soundly through the night. Her severe autism-like behaviors of self-injury, stimming, crying, violence, no eye contact, zero sleep, lack of social contact, are all but gone. “She is clear-headed, focused, has no attention deficit. Charlotte rides horses, skis, paints, dances, hikes. She even has friends for the first time. Her brain is healing. She is healthy. She is happy,” says Paige Figi.

From this, Charlotte’s Web was born.

The product created by Stanley scientists has been so successful and is so in-demand that prior to this year, families had to register to be on a waiting list to be eligible to receive Charlotte’s Web.  The Stanley brothers would never allow a family to join the program without being able to promise a lifetime supply of the product, because as Jesse said, “we would never take a child off of life-saving medicine.”

This practice resulted in a waiting list thousands of people deep.

But now, the team has worked hard enough to ensure that every single person on the list no longer has to wait. Not only will people be able to receive it in Colorado, but people around the country can access it as well.

A few weeks ago, the oil the brothers produced was classified as an herbal supplement due to its extremely low THC, meaning it can now be sold across state lines as a hemp-derived food product. It is much like the hemp products you can now purchase at some natural food stores, but with an unparalleled amount of CBD.

Her story has generated great attention, no doubt due to the extraordinary success she has experienced with CBD.  Charlotte’s story is one of hope and of the power of true, raw love that parents have for their sick children.

“It is irresponsible to not provide the best care we can, care that often may involve marijuana,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent.  “Modern medicine had nothing more to offer (Charlotte), which is why her parents turned to an ancient plant. As you know, it worked…she is one of so many patients out there, suffering from different ailments, who believe cannabis rescued them when nothing else did.”

Charlottes Web Marijuana CBD
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