ArcView Group Grows America’s Marijuana Industry

ArcView Group is on the precipice of the next generation of cannabis-related business

Formed in 2010, the ArcView Group prides itself as the legal cannabis industry’s premier hub for investment, data and progress, bringing together corporate’s who believe that the prohibition era for marijuana in America is coming to an end and that a legitimate cannabis industry is now taking shape.

“This is dramatically different from anything we’ve ever seen before,” says Steve DeAngelo, ArcView’s president and co-founder, and a marijuana activist for 40 years. “The reality on the ground now,” he says, “is you’re seeing the birth of a whole new industry.”

In 2014, the first full year there was a legal recreational marijuana market and the year that pot shops opened in Colorado and Washington state, total marijuana sales reached $2.7 billion. That’s a 74 percent increase over the medicinal marijuana market that existed in 2013. It’s the fastest growing industry in the U.S., according to market experts, and the possibilities seem endless.

The ArcView Group is on the precipice of the next generation of cannabis-related business with The ArcView Investor Network, ArcView Market Research, CanopyBoulder, Cannasure Insurance Services, and other ground-breaking ventures.  At ArcView they believe that business is the most powerful platform for political change and that the development of a responsible, profitable, and politically-engaged legal cannabis industry will be the single biggest factor in hastening the day when not a single adult in the world is punished for a plant.

The legal cannabis industry is so in-depth and complex, and touches on areas the the average person may not even consider.  For example, the idea of meticulously trimming each plant, and the implications that can have on a person’s physical being.  ArcView has taken all of this into consideration as they continue to grow out their business.

Consider this: before plants can head out to a dispensary, they have to be trimmed to make them more aesthetically appealing and easier to smoke. Trimmers sit all day long at a table, cutting away leaves and stems by hand. You can buy a $100,000 automatic trimmer to do this job, but that’s cost-prohibitive. Typically, you’re talking about pruning shears running on elbow grease, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries. “When people are moving into OSHA-standards situations, this matters,” explains Troy Dayton, co-founder and CEO of the ArcView group. “In the underground economy, who cares? Hire the next person. But in the above ground economy, we have rules around that.”

Collectively, Troy Dayton and Steve DeAngelo have been dubbed the “gatekeepers of the marijuana industry.” “This isn’t like the tech boom, where you had innovation that was driving market adoption,” says Dayton. “In this industry, it’s much more similar to the opening of China or the fall of the Berlin Wall because you’re talking about people who are willing to break the law in the millions to get at a particular product. That just doesn’t happen very often in modern history.”

ArcView Group
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