Inflammation is the body’s response to outside threats like stress, infection, and toxins. It can be caused by an allergen, a health condition, an injury, or anything the body deems a threat. Our immune system responds to these threats by activating proteins to protect cells and tissues as a healing mechanism. Everyone experiences acute inflammation naturally, and not all inflammation is a bad thing. However, when the immune cells overreact, it works against us and becomes harmful. Chronic inflammation is a serious threat and if symptoms are left untreated, it can be detrimental to your health.

Suppose you have a wound or you contract an illness. In that case, you will naturally experience acute inflammation as the body tries to protect and heal the issue, but this should only be temporary. Your body will send white blood cells to the affected area to stimulate the growth of new immune cells and send nutrients to the affected area in an attempt to repair and heal damage. As the body repairs itself, the inflammation will subside.

The body also experiences inflammation in response to emotional stress. This is the biological reaction to impending danger – the fight or flight response. This rush of adrenaline and c-reactive proteins come in helpful when in danger. However, when unrelenting stress lingers, the c-reactive protein levels stay elevated. Chronic inflammation can be extremely damaging to the body and manifest in various ways from disease, gut problems, pain, brain fog, heartburn, headaches, sleep, depression, and more.

When there is inflammation in the body, your endocannabinoid system is alerted and works to suppress inflammation when it is no longer needed to maintain homeostasis. This is how CBD can support the body’s repair process when dealing with acute or chronic inflammation.  Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body. The two main cannabinoid receptors that have been identified are CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 receptors are mainly located in the central nervous system and spinal cord and play a direct role in memory and cognition, emotion, motor control, appetite stimulation, and perception of pain. 

CB2 receptors are densely located in the peripheral nervous system and are especially associated with the immune system and inflammation response.

For example, if you fractured your toe you will experience cell death resulting in an inflammatory response. The CB2 receptors in the surrounding immune cells and tissues will bind with cannabinoids and start reducing the inflammation in the injured area. The CB2 receptors play a key role in the immune system cells and are alerted when there is a threat. When the CB2 receptors are activated the physiological defense mechanism may induce, enhance, or suppress an immune response to maintain homeostasis. 

Supporting your body with CBD is a very powerful natural tool to support optimal health and wellness and balance.  It is important to take into account what may be causing the inflammation in your body. An injury or illness will trigger an inflammatory response, but daily behaviors like diet and stress levels are also triggers for inflammation. 

Giving your body the right care and nourishment will help the endocannabinoid system maintain homeostasis and optimal wellness. Diet awareness, stress management, and the added support of CBD, and other anti-inflammatory supplements are all great ways to minimize inflammatory conditions and maintain balance and good health.

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