Cannabidiol (CBD) is a versatile compound that is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant and has amazing therapeutic value. Most people ingest CBD oil for its therapeutic effects to support their health, reduce pain, inflammation, soothe anxiety, support sleep, etc. However, Strainz cannabidiol extract can also be used topically and many of our customers prefer using our Natural Unflavored Tincture formula as a base.

There are a variety of cosmetics that contain CBD and many people swear by the power of cannabidiol for skincare. Applying CBD to the skin has wonderful soothing effects and may even be helpful for some by reducing inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

Strainz CBD oil contains hemp seed oil which acts as the carrier for the full array of cannabinoids you receive when you take in Strainz full spectrum CBD oil whether it be topically through the skin barrier or ingested orally. Hemp seed oil is wonderful for the skin. It is rich in vital nutrients, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids which encourage cell regeneration and have anti-inflammatory effects. Apply it to dry patches for deep moisturizing therapy. Strainz cannabidiol oil works on a cellular level when applied topically. The endocannabinoid system plays a role in our skin health as well as all major immune functions. It supports the regulation of cell growth, supports wound healing, and inflammatory conditions. You can apply Strainz cannabidiol oil topically anywhere on the body, to sore areas, or use it on the face for moisture balance and smoothing wrinkles.

You can experiment with topical cannabidiol by adding it to your face cream, or favorite body lotion. You can also use it directly on the spot of stubborn breakouts or dry skin patches. Some people even mix it into aloe vera and use it for speeding up the recovery time of sunburns. Using cannabidiol on the skin can be simple. You don’t need to buy a whole line of fancy CBD skincare products to explore the therapeutic effects of topical CBD. You can simply apply Strainz CBD oil alone to the skin or make a simple facial oil blend yourself. Below is a simple, luxurious, homemade cannabidiol facial serum recipe that uses Strainz full spectrum CBD oil.

DIY Radiant CBD Facial Oil Serum

1 Part 750 Strainz CBD Full Spectrum CBD oil
1 Part Organic Jojoba oil
1 Part Organic Rosehip Seed oil
2 Drops of Organic Pure Lavender Essential oil

Utilize the power of cannabidiol in your skincare regime with this radiant facial oil serum. Excellent for moisture balance, eliminating wrinkles, reducing inflammation, and soothing skin. This topical recipe is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and squalene, for soft healthy skin. Each of these pure plant-based oils work synergistically for a naturally radiant complexion.

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