Passion. Purity. Potency.

At Strainz, we know that choosing a safe and effective cannabis product for yourself or a loved one can be a very daunting process. We know because back in 2013 we were desperately searching for such a product for our twin daughters who suffered from a fatal, childhood ultra-rare neurological disease — Niemann-Pick Type C.

Time was not on our side and we needed a Cannabidiol (CBD) product that was highly potent, lab-tested and effective. Since we couldn’t find one, we applied for our own cannabis industry licenses and started a company to make our own.

Six years later, Strainz has become a nationally trusted brand in the cannabis industry, and Strainz Ratio Tinctures™ have become an award-winning product line. Now our team is bringing the experience and expertise of working in a highly regulated industry to create effective CBD products that can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. Strainz CBD™ combines superior plant material from the United States and purified ingredients to create products your family can trust. We continue our quest to making a difference in people’s lives. One product at a time.

Hugh & Chris Hempel
Strainz Co-Founders
And yes, our last name really is Hemp-el!

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