Want to switch up the way you take your Strainz CBD and have some fun? You can dose cannabidiol in many forms or simply place it under the tongue. That’s great when you are on the go or need relief fast, but, why not try something new? Mix it up and use it in food like delicious baking creations or some of your favorite home cooked recipes and drinks!

Here are some beginner tips to incorporating cannabidiol oil in your cooking and baking. Below are the most important rules you need to know before you get started infusing your food with Strainz Natural CBD Oil tinctures.

1. Never heat CBD oil over 295°F.
Cannabinoids will lose their effectiveness if they exceed 295°F. Never use cannabidiol in high heat cooking. If you want to add it to hot foods, use it to top off a meal by drizzling it over the top, or mixing it in sauce after it comes off the heat. Mixing it into a dip or frosting to top off your baked goods is an excellent choice.

2. Mix CBD oil with a high-fat content for best results.
Studies show there is an added benefit of CBD bioavailability when taken with high-fat content. For example, if you mix your cannabidiol oil into butter, coconut oil, or olive oil, you actually increase the bioavailability rate four to five times. Add to salad dressings, coffee creamer, and butter.

3. Be mindful of the CBD dose ratio to serving and portion size.
If you are adding cannabidiol to a pot of soup and the soup recipe is about 4 servings, you may want to add your preferred CBD dose to your single-serving instead of dropping 100mg into a big pot of soup. This way you will know exactly how much CBD you are getting and you can reheat leftovers without destroying the active cannabinoid molecules.

4. Incorporating CBD into baked goods without high heat.
If you enjoy baking homemade sweet treats, making your own cannabidiol edibles is a lot of fun and makes great gifts to share with friends and family. Add unflavored Strainz tinctures to a batch of no-bake cookies or fudge, after you remove your mixture from the heat. Blend into whip cream or frosting, and top off cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and fresh pies. These are just a few ideas to turn your CBD experience into pure decadence.

My favorite sweet simple cannabinoid-infused snack is honey butter spread on sourdough toast! Mix together butter honey and the amount of CBD you like to take and enjoy this butter treat while getting in your daily dose. I use 25mg a day for wellness maintenance in conjunction with my supplement routine. I love the ease of blending my Strainz tinctures into my meals. Here are a few simple ideas below.

Simple CBD Infused Food Ideas:

  • Mix honey, CBD oil, and butter together and spread on toast.
  • Drizzle CBD and melted Butter combination over popcorn.
  • Start your morning strong with a bowl of oatmeal with CBD oil, honey, and fresh berries.
  • Mix into hummus dip or other healthy no-bake snacks.
  • Add your daily dose of cannabidiol to your morning coffee with a teaspoon of MCT oil.
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