1. Not all CBD oil is created equally.

At Strainz, we feel it is important that you understand that not all CBD products are created equally, and there is a large variance in quality and manufacturing methods. High-quality CBD companies will be transparent about how their products are made and have lab results backing their formulas’ purity and potency. Click Here for tips to help you discern the true quality and value of CBD products.


  1. Find the right dose.

No one size dose that works for everyone. How much CBD a person needs to receive significant therapeutic effects varies from person to person. Depending on your needs and the severity of issues you are targeting, start low, and track your results. Slowly work up for desired results. A daily dose of CBD offers great endocannbinoid system support to maintain homeostasis in your body. Click Here for tips to finding the right dose for your needs.


  1. Absorption and bioavailability.

Ingesting CBD oil by placing it directly under the tongue and allowing it to absorb for about 45 seconds produces faster results than swallowing CBD. When CBD oil is absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue, it enters the bloodstream and starts working its effects on cannabinoid receptors in need of balance. Taking CBD sublingually has a higher bioavailability than oral and topical methods.


  1. Which CBD oil should I use?

CBD is a diverse wellness tool used to support many ailments and health conditions. Most people notice more effective results with full spectrum CBD oil versus isolated CBD oil. Isolated CBD is simply a purified version of the cannabinoid CBD alone. Full spectrum CBD oil is a whole plant extract with many cannabinoids that supports the entourage effect and has greater therapeutic value than CBD alone. Learn more about CBD here.


  1. Will CBD make a difference for me?

Most people who use CBD oil notice great benefits with consistent dosing. Depending on your health status and conditions you wish to target, some people notice positive results from 10mg a day, and for some, 50mg or more can be very helpful for their situation. If you are looking to support your wellness with CBD, start with a low dose and work up. Talk to your doctor about taking CBD as a part of your wellness regimen. Click Here for tips on how CBD can assist your wellbeing.

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